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About the artist ... painter

I am a self-taught artist born in 1956. I started painting in oil in 1991 and I paint since then. Although I paint with several medias, drawing and oil painting remain my preferred media.
It is not so easy to write or speak about something I want to show ;) .
I started oil impressionist paintings, following influence of Van Gogh and Cezanne and now I want to paint more and more realistic, with lot of details, but keeping a painterly look. I hope that each painting will sharpen my skill. I like to explore others subjects out of my comfort zone ;).
I love to start with a real landscape outdoor, or photography and recreate my own on canvas. I start with nature and finish with my memories.
I will like to paint well but to paint simply and to keep spontaneity. I hope that I can keep the instant emotion when I experience the openness of the moment, and that you can share it.

At this time I am still a student, I got no awards, made no exhibition and as far as I know none of my painting is in a collection. But I sold some paintings to collegues, friends, neighbors.