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Animal Oil Paintings

Oxen, cart,men, harvest,cattle,bovine,animal,wild life ani _001 dolphin,play,water,jump,animal,wild life ani _002 hen, chicken,animal,wild life ani _003 Black,horse,pasture,walking,animal,wild life ani _004 chicken, spotlight,,animal,wild life ani _005
Man, reins,cart,horse,animal,wild life ani _006 Gipsy,horse, wind,snow,cart,man,struggle,animal,wild life ani _007 buffalo,prairie,watching ani _008 Blue eyes,owl,nest,animal,wild life ani _009 Elephant, edge forest,animal,wild life ani _010
Buffalo, calf,prairie ani _011 cowgirl, horse,cliff,mountain,animal,wild life ani _012 Horse,foal,Camargue,wind,animal,wild life ani _013 Horse,herd,trees,forest;light through,animal,wild life ani _014 ox,oxen,woman,harvest,cart,animal,wild life ani _015
sheep,shepherd,causses,France,animal,wild life ani _016 Forest, wolf, look, ,animal,wild life ani _017 Horse, head, brown ani _018 plough, man, woman, girlfriend,animal,wild life ani _019 Hen,apples, table,basket,animal,wild life ani _020
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